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Ultrasonic (US) – Level 1

Category Language Duration
General english, francais 48 hours

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to carry out the procedures and verification steps for the inspection of welded, cast or forged workpieces according to the pre-established instructions of a level 2.

Moreover, the course aims for the following specific objectives:

  • Meet the Canadian General Standards Board CGSB course criteria.
  • Prepare the candidate for the theoretical and practical examinations of the certification organization for level 1.
  • Wave propagation.
  • Wave types.
  • Wave reflection/refraction.
  • Sound beam.
  • Testing equipment and control apparatus.
  • Controlling method by contact with various angled probes.
  • Practical work:
  • Equipment calibration.
    – Evaluation of the equipment’s efficiency characteristics.
    – Inspection by contact of welded, cast or forged workpieces, according to specific inspection instructions.
    – Record inspection results.
  • Exams.
Public cible
Technicians in non-destructive testing who want to obtain a Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) accreditation and quality standards inspection personnel who are eager to become familiar with this inspection method.
Préalable à la formation
  • To have graduated high school (preferably).
  • To have completed successfully the Metallurgy for END (materials and processes) course (preferably).
  • To pass the mathematics test.

Le démarrage des cours est conditionnel à un nombre suffisant d’inscriptions. Les dates peuvent varier. Vous serez avisé des changements s’il y a lieu.

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