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Mission, vision et services offering



Support the metallurgical industry competitiveness through research and technological development in a collaborative approach with private and public partners while promoting technical college education and knowledge transfer in companies.



Be the leader                                          in metallurgy

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Services offering

A leader in applied research and development, the CMQ has an experienced team of researchers, engineers, teachers and passionate students. In addition, we offer unparalleled expertise in metal materials and metallurgical processes for manufacturing companies in Quebec, Canada and international partnerships.
With specialized equipment, the CMQ focuses its mandates and interventions on the needs of the industry: contributions to concrete solutions, optimization of manufacturing and processing processes, continuous improvement of products, and this. 
The CMQ is certified ISO 9001:2015 and accredited ISO 17025.




Research and Development
Modelling and simulation
Applied metallurgy
Laboratory in support R&D
Non-destructive testing (NDT) training and examination center
Specialized training


Quality of policy

Our staff is committed to providing client interventions that are focused on their needs, in complete confidentiality and impartiality.
Our efforts focus on identifying concrete solutions, research and development, quality, added value, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in Centre’s activities. Staff are aware of the importance of integrating quality documentation into the fulfillment of their various mandates.



Various government programs are available for the company in the implementation of research and development projects (product or process innovation) and technology transfer projects. Our project managers manage several of them financially, to facilitate your steps and reduce delays. 


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