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R&D projects – Services offering


The research and development activities carried out at the CMQ aim to find concrete solutions to industrial problems encountered by our partners.

These take place in an environment that assures customers that our research and development methods deliver results they can trust at all times to identify solutions that give them a competitive advantage. The CMQ is certified ISO 9001:2015 and accredited ISO 17025:2017.


Member of the Tech-Access Canada Network

CMQ was created to respond effectively to the R&D needs of Canadian industries by providing intelligent and innovative solutions in the field of advanced alloys and related processes. In addition to offering a wide range of unique state-of-the-art systems, CMQ promotes next-generation alloys, facilitates solid collaborations with universities, research centers, and the CCTT/TAC, and is a strong advocate for HQP training and support. CMQ is also an active member of the Tech-Access Canada Network of technology support centers who serve the R&D needs and innovation challenges of Canadian industries. Go to Tech-Access.

Development and optimization of metallurgical processes

CMQ can manage your entire development process from start to finish, including feasibility studies, technical evaluations, business analyses, and implementation support.

  • Optimization of CTAW systems for the repair of nickel alloy-based castings
  • Development/optimization of duplex stainless steel hot forging processes
  • Optimization of cooling phase technology in thermal spray coating

Technological transfer activities + technological information research

CMQ can provide support for each phase of project implementation, from choice of technology to start-up and training, and can also identify relevant information and research to enhance expertise and optimize production through practical tailored solutions to challenges on site.

  • Optimized brazing product for the manufacture of emergency brake pads for wind-powered turbines
  • Techno-economic study for the start-up of a hot-dip galvanization facility

Design and development of metallic products + Short-run production

CMQ’s expertise can be applied to the manufacturing of a wide range of metal products.

  • Addition of novel tungsten carbide alloy technology to the manufacture of cutting tools using powder deposition metallurgy
  • Development of cast aluminium parts for an ergonomic chair

Optimization and development of casting processes for ferrous, aluminium and magnesium alloys

  • Hardness modelling of casted parts, defect diagnostics, process development of casting methods and parameters
  • Development of a new superelastic material for enhanced biocompatible bone implants
  • Development of crucible casting of liquid aluminium for the manufacture of small-scale customized alloy ingots

Industrial Research Chair in Aluminium Transformation

Active for more than 30 years, CMQ has become Canada’s leader in aluminium casting. A permanent support hub for the greater Montréal-Laval-Longueuil area in located at the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) in Montréal. CMQ houses the most advanced aluminium casting technology in Canada, with state-of-the-art facilities for research purposes, thermal treatments, casting, welding, thermal spray coating, additive manufacturing, and corrosion studies. This industrial-level R&D platform optimizes projects for the transfer of technology in actual industrial conditions. This advanced technology is supported by SolidCast, FlowCast, and ProCast thermodynamic casting simulation software for filling/solidification modelling to accurately predict microporosity, dendritic behaviour, and mechanical performance. For more information, contact Franco Chiesa ou David Levasseur.