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With its personalized approach with industrial partners and the access provided to an advanced equipment platform that is unique in Canada, CMQ carries out more than 500 support initiatives and technological research projects. We thank our partners for their trust in our expertise.

Gheorghe Marin

General Manager

819 376-8707
Extension :


Core business

Coordination and Management - CMQ

Principaux domaines d’activités et de recherche :

  • Développement d’alliages avancés
  • Fabrication additive
  • Fonderie
  • Métallurgie des poudres
  • Traitement thermique

Participation à des organismes professionnels :

  • CSMO Métallurgie
  • Réseau 3D
  • AFT
  • ITA
  • AFS


  • Chiesa, F., Levasseur, D; Marin, G, Duchesne, B.; Effect of Inclusions on the Tensile Properties of Pressure Die-Cast Tests bars in Aluminium 360, Proceedings of the America’s Conference on Al Alloys”, paper # 9712, Toronto, Aug. 23-26, 2015.
  • Morin, G, Marin, G, Comtois-Parr, M., Forget, L, Carignan, J.; Control of alpha case on investment cast Ti6Al4V using an industrial shelling system, Proceeding of the 13th World Conference on Titanium, San Diego, United States, 2015.
  • Bois-Brochu, A., Parr M.C., Morin G., Carignan, J., Marin, G.; Evaluation of Alpha Case on Ti-6Al 4V, Castings Using Various Techniques, Proceedings of Ti-2015, San Diego, USA, 2015.
  • Bois-Brochu, A., Comtois-Parr, M., Morin, G., Carignan, J., Marin, G.; Alpha Case Thickness : A comparative Study of evaluation technique and the relation between them, Proceedings of MS&T13, Materials Science and Technology, Montreal, Canada, 2013.
  • Tougas, B., Chiesa, F., Comtois_Parr, M, Forget, L., Marin, G.; Influence of Mold Coating on the Metallurgical Quality of Titanium Cast into Graphite Ingot Molds, Proceedings of the Light Metals Symposium, CIMM Publications, Montreal, Oct 2-6, 2011.