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Non destructif testing (NDT) Services

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COVID-19 – Situation at CMQ

As required by the Québec government, the Quebec Metallurgy Center activities are stopped until April 13th inclusively. You can contact us by cell phone and email if you need precisions about your appointments or any other information.


The training, workshops and exams are also on hold until April 13th inclusively. The NDT team will do their utmost to mitigate the effects of possible delays in processing NDT appointment requests and training as well as specialized training as soon as we return. CMQ will stay up to date with governmental measures and keep you informed when the activities return to normal. Please share this notice with your colleagues.


If you have registered for an NDT training given after April 13th, we will contact you to keep you informed of the holding or cancellation of the training, without registration penalty.


Thanks for your understanding of the current preventive approach. Take care of yourself and your relatives.


We are looking forward to collaborating with you again!


Team CMQ!


Certifications due for recertification within the transition period

Recertification due dates are fast approaching, with some certificate holders requiring recertification for one or more of their NDT certifications as early as January 15, 2020. Certificate holders who do not successfully complete the required recertification examination(s) by the date that their method/sector-specific recertification is due will:


  1. no longer hold valid certification
  2. not be eligible for certification renewal


To avoid processing and examination scheduling delays, and to avoid decertification, the NRCan NDTCB recommends applying for your recertification(s) as soon as possible if one or more of your certifications are due for recertification in 2020, 2021, or 2022 and are within the recertification transition period.


Our NDT courses are in compliance with Canadian General Standards Board training criteria for individuals looking to acquire or enhance specific NDT-related skills. The techniques used are ultrasonics, radiography, magnetic particle inspection, penetrant testing and Eddy current analysis for the detection of flaws in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal composites.

The NDT Evaluation and Training Centre at the Cegep de Trois-Rivières is the only bilingual certified centre in Québec. People come from all over Québec, Canada, the United States, and even Europe to obtain their certification in the various methodologies under the supervision of Natural Resources Canada.

Obtaining certification in one or more methods translates to highly interesting job opportunities. In addition, the emerging technologies in NDT are applied in a wide range of industrial fields, such as aeronautics, the oil industry, and bridge construction, to name but a few.

Non destructif testing (NDT) Services

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