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Additive manufacturing has evolved considerably in recent years, translating to numerous growth opportunities for Canadian industries with such AM advances as concentrated energy deposition, binder jetting, ultrasonic welding, and powder bed fusion.

- Alexandre Bois-Brochu
Alexandre Bois-Brochu

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Le Cégep de Trois-Rivières 1er au Québec et 2e au Canada dans le palmarès des collèges en recherche

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Le Cégep de Trois-Rivières trône une fois de plus au premier rang québécois du palmarès « Canada’s Top 50 Research colleges 2019 » publié par l’organisme RE$EARCH Infosource. La position... View Article

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CMQ, vital industrial partner

An experienced team of scientists, engineers, and teachers. Highly motivated students. Unparalleled expertise in metal materials and metallurgical processes. Serving Québec manufacturers both here and abroad.

With its advanced equipment in additive manufacturing, non-destructive testing, casting, welding, and corrosion, as well as thermal spraying and treatment, the focus of CMQ is meeting the needs of industry with pro-active solutions, optimized fabrication and transformation processes, quality control, and constant updating of products in Central Québec’s manufacturing sectors of activity, within established norms ISO/CEI 17025 :2005 et ISO 9001 :2008.


In addition to providing specialized training opportunities in the field of metallurgy and non-destructive testing in compliance with ONGC 48.9712-2014, CMQ offers a wide variety of professional business services and support using advanced technologies:

  • R&D: technical information research, development of novel alloys, optimisation and enhancement of metallurgical processes, design and development of metallic products, short-run production, etc.
  • Expert evaluations: failure/degradation testing, comparative product analysis, materials selection, client/manufacturer intermediary
  • Laboratory: metallographic studies, chemical analyses, mechanical testing (hardness, traction, etc.), Jominy testing, corrosion resistance assessments, etc.

Various government programs are also available for businesses looking to undertake initiatives in R&D, innovation, and technological transfer.

Launched in 1985 and now a leader in applied R&D, CMQ is a college centre for technological transfer (CCTT) associated with the Cegep de Trois-Rivières.

*For more information: 1-819-376-8707 or visit our website.

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