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Jean-François Blackburn

Technologie du Génie Métallurgique

819 376-8707
Extension :


Core business

Contrôle des Matériaux

Main teaching axes:

  • Chemical and crystalline analysis
  • ultrasonics
  • thermal spraying
  • alloy development
  • material degradation
  • lightweight alloys

Project Leader:

  • Project PART: Enhanced crushing resistance of cast aluminium alloy parts by partial thermal spray coating
  • Enviroclub: Study of catalyser efficiency in steel stripping solutions preceding zinc electroplating to reduce the acid amount used and to be neutralized
  • Project PART: Increased durability of graphite moulds used to manufacture diamond drill matrixes


  • Various development and start-up activities of the electrolysis sector, Magnola Metallurgy. Direct involvement in solution strategies relative to the magnesium electrolysis process and its unique world-class technology
  • Various projects led by the Tech team to provide solutions for specific aluminium electrolysis methodologies
  • Development and optimization of a copper fluidized bed recycling process (Actimag) at the Horne Smelter.
  • Various projects and activities led by the Product Quality team at the Ispat Sidbec steel mill. Principal contribution: improving the quality of cold roll-milled flat products


  • Giguère,N., Chiesa,F., Blackburn,J.F.; Experience in the Heat Treatment of Die Cast Brackets, Proceedings of the Light Metals Symposium, CIMM Publications, Montreal, Oct 2-6, 2011.