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Corrosion is not inevitable. Despite affecting every sphere of engineering and causing considerable damage each year, several prevention and protection methods and strategies are available to fight corrosion.

Sofiene Amira

R & D - Project Manager

Email address :
819 376-8707
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Core business

Study of Corrosion Phenomena, Corrosion Prevention, Friction Stir Welding

Main areas of activity & Research

  • Study and characterisation of corrosion phenomena of many materials (steels, aluminum, magnesium, etc.) in various media using many techniques (Salt spray, immersion, electrochemical tests, SRET)
  • Characterisation of protective organic and non organic coatings
  • Friction stir welding (feasibility studies, parameters optimization, design and manufacturing of tools)
  • Failure analyses.

Patents :


Participation in various professionnals organizations :

  • NACE
  • ASM


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  • S. Amira, M-C, Gagnon and D. Gallant, «Guide of Practical Solutions aimed to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion between Aluminum and Steel Components used in the Transportation Industry» for the count of the «Aluminum Association of Canada», Jan 2011, (In French, can be consulted on : http://www.ledialoguesurlaluminium.com/by-tag?tag=transport).
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